Do you ever feel like you need to speak your mind but you don’t want the person that started the offense to be aware that they have provoked you to such measures?

I recently made a post on facebook about registering for a marathon.  Those that know me….that have followed my blog on runners world, know about me and my quest for completing a marathon.  In fact I wrote a a whole blog about it, about my father, and about the Chicago Marathon.  Maybe for most it was one of those things you read and dismiss but for me it was something that was written while blinking away tears and tossing tissue on the floor.

Apparently if a website boasts something like “Indiana’s toughest marathon” and we happen to share that link to facebook and even go so far as to repeat that quote, we can be certain that someone out there has run some other marathon in Indiana that they believe is tougher and they will call you out on it….publicly.

I don’t care if it’s “Indiana’s toughest” or not.  I don’t care if Tecumseh is tougher.  I don’t care if I run it slow.  I don’t care if I run it fast.  I just want it to be grueling, painful, and epic.

I want it to be break the streak of races that I’ve registered for and not made it to the starting line.  I want it to be a story.

I want to be the runner that motivates others….not the one that makes you sad.

P.S.  I am embarrassed that I have used the word “facebook” in a blog.



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Greg’s New Assignment

Peaches, vidalia onions, peanuts, pecans, Jimmy Carter, Nene, 41 native snake species (6 venomous), a humid subtropical climate and finally my husband waking up next to me.  FORT BENNING, GEORGIA HERE I COME!!!!!  MAYBE!

Let’s not forget that last time it was “Ft Bragg, Ft Campbell, Ft Nowhere, Ft Bragg, and then Camp Casey, South Korea”.

In other and completely unrelated news, I was finally able to get my Garmin to interface with my new computer.  I’ve only been working on this since last September.  I must have installed and uninstalled the drivers for the USB port a thousand times since then and not sure why, but it finally worked.  I was so frustrated that most of my runs since then had been with Clayton’s stopwatch.  Looks like Garmin and I are a team again.


  1. 25 days until I leave for South Korea
  2. 63 days until my first race in over a year
  3. 163 days until Greg returns stateside

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I might be thinking out loud here but I wonder if I could make this idea work.

I leave for South Korea on March 21st and arrive back in the states April 1st.  Out of all the things we could possibly do in Korea there are two things that are really up there on the list      of “hey it would be really cool if we did that there” things.  The first one is make a baby.  The second one is run a race.

It just so happens that there is a race called the Incheon Inernational Marahthon (and half, 10K, 5K) but it’s on April 1st and from what I gather starts at 9:00 AM.  Unfortunately my flight leaves at 11:00 AM.

So, what if I were to change my flight (for the second time now) so that Greg and I could run one of the races together?  And, is it even possible to change my flight because when we did it the first time it had to be the same airlines and from what I can tell there is a later flight leaving at 5 PM but the connecting flights are different than the connecting flight for my current ticket.

Is it worth the extra cost?  Probably because it feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity but then again I may just end up living in South Korea sometime so maybe not.

Even if we could get the flight situation worked out, how the heck does one go about registering for the race?  I clicked the link on the bottom for general information but was unable to open it.

Changing my flight would mean someone here would have to pick me up from the airport around 1 AM and I have to go to work the next day.

Greg is training around the clock right now and about to leave for Gunnery for the next 3 weeks so he’s not really going to be able to help me out much.

Hmmm….what to do?  WHAT TO DO???

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A Little Bit Of Good

Last night I walked out of work and was instantly slapped in the face with a nasty cold wind.  I cursed at myself for not being disciplined enough to run in the morning and thought about driving to the YMCA to reinstate my membership.  Instead I went home and googled Snap fitness. Finally I decided to quit being a wimp and got dressed to head out for a run.  I walked out the door and was genuinely surprised that from the time I had gotten home to the time I stepped outside, it had started snowing.  I kept thinking to myself, “Dear Army, Please send me to Texas.”  I ran 30 minutes.  It was the first time I had run 30 minutes without walking since February 2011.

I had so much fun I went back out again tonight and ran with Garmin.  I was curious to see how far 30 minutes would get me.  I’d look down and see 10:30’s and 11:00 min for my pace and think “wow, I’m so slow compared to….”  but then again I remember how much fun it was getting to fast and I’m really excited to get to fast again.

Something occurred to me tonight that I had never understood before.  As runners, we are often asked, “Why do you like running so much?” and quite honestly I had always found it hard to explain.  You know when we are asked that question, we are expected to answer in a one sentence response.  Anything beyond that and we lose our audience’s captivation.  Quite simply said, the answer to the “why do you run” question is because when I’m running I know I’m in the right place at the right time.    No question about it.

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Running For Pizza Dough

I had the day off today.

To summarize…..woke up, ate leftovers, watched Spartacus on Netflix and fell back asleep. Woke up again, watched more Spartacus on Netflix, made whole wheat bread, inadvertently omitted one of two packets of yeast resulting in very dense yet tasty bread, ate leftovers again, watched Spartacus on Netflix and fell back asleep.  Woke up for the third time today, pulled on running shorts for the first time since my most recent running hiatus, felt incredibly disturbed at how snug they felt, made pizza dough, and set it aside to rise while I went out for a run.  Walked 3 min, ran 7 min, walked another 3 min, ran 7 min, walked 3 min again, and ran for 7 min.  Noted how incredibly jiggly my ass felt in my snug shorts and wished it were running tights weather because they seemed to hold everything in place a little better.  Kept reminding myself that there was pizza dough waiting patiently for me at home.

Is it any wonder why my shorts don’t fit?

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She’s Here!!!!

My new toy:

My first batch of dough:

After the first rising:

Rolled out:

Rolled up:

Second rising:

Ready to bake:


And it even shreds chicken….9 lbs of chicken.

I ran yesterday….10 min total.  I was so excited I signed up for a 5K on April 28th.  It was the first race I ran 3 years ago when I discovered running again.  Seems fitting to make it the first one back after everything I’ve struggled through this past year in regards to running.

Tomorrow I shall run more.

Best wishes,


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Ok Lowe’s A-Team!  I believe we have April 28th off and April 28th is a special day.  It is the 3rd annual Jay Cooperider Memorial 5k Walk/Run.  Let’s see, who all does this include?  Hobie, Kevin D, Kevin K, Sharon, Jen H (since she doesn’t work weekends), Stacie (HR…yeah do it), Nate.  My challenge to you is to either walk or run the 5k (3.1 miles) or even some combination of both on April 28th.  For everyone that participates, I will make one dozen cookies for each.  For those of you that don’t know, I make really good cookies so you suck and you are going to miss out.

Backstory:  The JCM5K is a race that has been run for the past few years to memorialize Jay Cooperider, a late athletic director of Purdue University and father of local runner Zane Cooperider.  It is a big deal for me as the inaugural race marked my first race back after a long running hiatus.  It’s a big deal for the Cooperider family considering it memorializes a tragic and sudden loss of one of their family members.    Please consider.  Finishing time, not a big deal.  Caring about your health though is a super big deal.

If you want to participate but entry fees are an issue, then email me.

For the record, Michelle Trice has already said she’s in so she better be requesting that morning off!!!!!!!

This morning’s run was fun.  More walking than running but whatever it’s only the first day back.

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