It’s the first time I’ve even opened my wordpress blog since I can’t remember when.  Probably the first time since I’ve been in Georgia.  I also checked out the loop tonight and once again it’s a different format.  I see public messages are back and that’s kind of funny.  Wish I knew who left me comments in 09/10 because apparently the user that left them was blocked from runner’s world.

I was bored so I guess that’s why I ventured back here.  Greg was assigned to guard duty for 24 hours as of 8 am this morning.  Something about guarding ammunition with a rifle and I said “ok, I’ll see you tomorrow morning”.  Lol it’d be too easy for him to have an affair.

I’ve reverted back to using smartcoach to train for a 10K in March.  I used active’s C25K app on my phone to get back in a regular rhythm because GA running had been so sporadic  (nearly non-existent).

2013 Running Goals:

  1. run at least one organized race per month
  2. run 2 marathons (one trail and one road)
  3. run 50K (trail)
  4. run half-marathon (trail) 24 hours after said 50K
  5. run 40 miler
  6. make Greg run all these races with me
  7. run far not fast

2014 Running Goals:

  1. run fast
  2. run faster than Greg again

2013 Completed Races

  1. Polar Bear 5K (road) Marietta, GA 01/26 28:56 9:20 pace 303/998

2013 Planned Races

  1. Sidney Lanier Bridge 5K (road) Brunswick, GA 02/16
  2. Fallen Heroes of Georgia 10K (road) Buford, GA 03/16
  3. Chesty Puller Challenge 13.1 mile (trail) Ft. Benning 04/06
  4. Allatoona Creek Trail Run 8 mile (trail – duh it’s in the race name) Acworth, GA 04/13
  5. TBD Something in May
  6. Indiana Celina Challenge 26.2 (trail) Lake Celina, IN 06/08
  7. TBD Something in July
  8. TBD Something in August
  9. TBD Something in September
  10. West Virginia Trilogy 50K (trail) 10/11
  11. West Virginia Trilogy 50 Mile (trail) 10/12 (Greg only)
  12. West Virginia Trilogy 13.1 (trail) 10/13
  13. Soldier Marathon (road) Ft Benning 11/9
  14. Pine Mountain 40 miler (trail) Pine Mt, GA 12/8

Wow.  I had forgotten how sometimes just a simple act like writing could become self-motivating.  Cool.  Must be why I started doing this in the first place.


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3 Responses to Hi!

  1. Madiantin says:

    My gosh, those are fabulous goals!!! You go, girl!
    So good to hear from you. =)

  2. Slake says:

    Madiantin! Miss you from facebook 😦

  3. Madiantin says:

    I miss you from Facebook too! There are quite a few people I miss…but not enough to get back on…it brings me *WAY* too close to my family. =D

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