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Running For Pizza Dough

I had the day off today. To summarize…..woke up, ate leftovers, watched Spartacus on Netflix and fell back asleep. Woke up again, watched more Spartacus on Netflix, made whole wheat bread, inadvertently omitted one of two packets of yeast resulting … Continue reading

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She’s Here!!!!

My new toy: My first batch of dough: After the first rising: Rolled out: Rolled up: Second rising: Ready to bake: Success: And it even shreds chicken….9 lbs of chicken. I ran yesterday….10 min total.  I was so excited I … Continue reading

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Ok Lowe’s A-Team!  I believe we have April 28th off and April 28th is a special day.  It is the 3rd annual Jay Cooperider Memorial 5k Walk/Run.  Let’s see, who all does this include?  Hobie, Kevin D, Kevin K, Sharon, … Continue reading

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It Starts Wednesday….Hold Me Accountable

It’s been a week and a half now since I quit my second job and I’m well enough rested (and finally finished watching 4 seasons of Breaking Bad….great show….highly recommend) so that I have absolutely no excuse to get my … Continue reading

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To Blog or Not To Blog

I guess we’ll blog. Maybe some of you wonder what has happened to me.  I presume mostly not. I’m still here.  Still raising Clayton.  Still patiently awaiting Greg’s return from South Korea.  Still passionate about running. I rarely read The … Continue reading

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