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Ft. Knox Part III: Fare Thee Well, My Love

Day 2 Food:  More McDonald’s followed by Hardee’s, Popeye’s and O’Charleys along with plenty of hotel room snacks. I offered to get Cobb breakfast however he was not awake yet.  Had he stayed in our room as he was supposed … Continue reading

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Ft. Knox Part II: Food

For Ft. Knox Part I:  The Reunion click here. Before I dive back into the story let me take a moment to state the rules of the weekend. 1.  They must wear the Class A uniform at all times except … Continue reading

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FT. Knox Part I: The Reunion

A month has passed since my last post.  I left you on the eve of my weekend trip to Ft. Knox, Kentucky with the purpose of visiting my beloved Gregory. His reward for successfully completing the BCT (Basic Combat Training) … Continue reading

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