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Here Comes The Storm

They’re saying we could get up to 16 inches of snow and 1 inch of ice.  Nasty combination for running outside.  Driving 2.5 miles to the Y for treadmill running kind of seems unlikely as well. I suppose it’ll give … Continue reading

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Mmmm…..I <3 Delivery

Busy.  Stressed.  Tired. That sums up my past couple of weeks. Last week was a 34.5 mile week.  Supposed to have added another 8 to that but I chose to sleep in instead.  Friday of that week I did 14 … Continue reading

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Must. Rest.

I’ve succumbed to soreness.  Mostly in the sacroilliac joint… extraintestinal symptom of the ulcerative colitis.  Extraintestinal……great word, huh?  I had a check up yesterday with my GI doc and she doubled the dosage of my meds.  I am now taking … Continue reading

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One Hand Washes The Other

I was semi-absent from the loop for a good portion of 2010.  Part of it had to do with adjusting (loving) married life and the other part was due to injury and illness.  Prior to that I was pretty regular. … Continue reading

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Hi, my name is Lara and I am an ipod wearing treadmill runner.  I know what you’re thinking but I have to say, breaking my running rules seems to be working out just fine. I ran 10 miles today.  Temp … Continue reading

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Writing A Blog To Avoid Watching This Silly Little Movie Called “Fanboys”

As I got home from work tonight Greg was leaving for the Army recruiter’s office for physical training. (He has to go every Thursday evening for the next couple of months before he leaves for Basic Training.)  I made candy … Continue reading

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6 miles…2 treadmills…3 short walk breaks…1-8:30ish mile towards the end…just slightly over 60 minutes Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and panicked.  I remembered I had forgot to circle my T-shirt size on my 50K … Continue reading

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