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Wow, That Sucked!

Took a break at work today and ate my pre-lunch snacky snack of strawberry and banana yogurt with frozen blueberries. Decided I was still hungry and reached into my post-lunch snacky snack container of almonds. Forgot I had put my … Continue reading

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The Cost of Running With Trochanteric Bursitis

Exactly $95.23 per month for the next 12 months and that’s WITH health insurance. First payment is due on my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me. I remember when I used to smoke a pack a day.  People used to tell … Continue reading

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Chicago Marathon Weekend – My Non-Running Race Report

Friday: I spent the day packing, unpacking, and repacking as well as researching the best ways to get around Chicago.  I decided that the best thing to do would be to park at Midway airport and take the CTA orange … Continue reading

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To Greg: SURPRISE!!!

Dear Greg, I (well actually, Clayton and I) have taken the liberty of registering you for the Marshall University Half-Marathon on November 7th.  I grew tired of your indecisiveness of to run or not to run and decided that you … Continue reading

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Are You Sure You Ran A Half Marathon….b/c You Don’t Even Know What It Is!

So I work with this guy who knows everything about everything AND has done it all. Him: You have ulcerative colitis? Me: Yes. Him: Yeah, I have something wrong with my colon too. Him: Your son runs XC? Me: Yes. … Continue reading

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Last Day of Vacation

I ran 4 miles today.  That’s the farthest I’ve been able to run since July 14th.  I ran sans knee brace and regretted it around mile 2.5.  Determined to complete the distance I ran by the house and picked it … Continue reading

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The Chicago Marathon: A Finish Line Story

We arrived at the finish line stands just as Joan Benoit Samuelson was finishing.  As the announcer recounted her finish the already lively crowd erupted in a roar.  We stood there baking in the relentless and unshaded sun as we cheered and … Continue reading

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